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The objective of this site is to gather in one central location all existing announcements for events pertaining to philosophy in the greater Montreal area. It is our hope that through an easier access to this information we will multiply the opportunities for dialogue between students and faculty members of each university with the others. Announcements and comments are allowed both in French and in English.


You can:

  • Visit the site itself ( from time to time to stay in touch with the current happenings.
  • Subscribe to the site by using your favorite RSS aggregator. The RSS feed link for the site is here ( For more information about RSS technology, click here. Using RSS, you will receive in your aggregator new announcements as they are posted.
  • Subscribe to the site by email. Simply click here and fill out the form. You will thereafter receive new events in your inbox as they are posted


Two options:

  • Simply send an email containing all the necessary information to j(at) Your email will be posted to the site ‘as is’, so please ensure that the information is accurate and well-formatted. You may also include (1) attachment (a poster, for example, or a conference program), preferably in the following file formats: PDF, RTF, DOC. Your announcement will be posted within 48 hours.
  • Create a account (free) by clicking here. If you do not wish to have your own blog, simply choose the option not to create one. Once your registration is completed, send the e-mail address which you used to create your account to j(at), as well as a brief note indicating your name, status (student, faculty, etc.) as well as your institutional affiliation. Your account will be added to the list of philo.mtl contributors, and you will receive an email confirming your ability to post. If you use this method of posting, it would be awfully nice of you to subsequently post about any other relevant event that you might come across in the future. Please note that using philo.mtl for anything besides the announcement of serious philosophical events may result in the permanent suspension of your ability to post to philo.mtl.


This site is administered by Julien Villeneuve, professor at Collège de Maisonneuve. Feel free to email him at j(at)

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