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Call for Papers Gramsci Conference 2023

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Rethinking Gramsci is an annual conference that focuses on thinking and rethinking anew the legacy of Antonio Gramsci’s work in various fields of academia and social struggles. Because of the originality and versatility of his concepts, his work has had an extraordinary afterlife, exerting a profound influence in fields as diverse as late critical theory, post-Marxism, subaltern studies, cultural studies, postcolonialism, and intellectual history. Rethinking Gramsci offers an opportunity for scholars, young and experienced, to face – with Gramsci – current social and political problems such as the climate crisis, the rise of neofascist powers, the coopting of social discontent by these powers, the decline of the public intellectual, etc. The conference will be held at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura and at McGill University. Each speaker will have 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). Presentations will be in Italian, French or English. The Conference will take place on the 24-26 of May 2023, in Montreal.

Thematic Areas: Ecology and Hegemony, Civil Society and the Cultural Turn, The Social-Political Protest Movements of the 21st Century, Gramsci and Digital Media, The Decline of the Public Intellectual, Feminist Readings of Gramsci, Resistance to the New Authoritarian State, The New Anti-Fascist Struggle.

Keynote speakers: Guido Liguori, Professor of contemporary political theory, University of Calabria, President of the Gramsci Society of Italy and editor in chief of Critica Marxista.

Luca Camninati, Professor of Cinema and Cultural Studies, Concordia University.

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