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Michael Della Rocca – The Original Sin of Analytical Philosophy

Le département de philosophie de l’UQAM a le plaisir d’accueillir le professeur Michael Della Rocca (Yale University) qui présentera une conférence intitulée « The Original Sin of Analytical Philosophy ».

Date : Vendredi 13 janvier, de 15h à 17h

Lieu : salle W-5215 de l’UQAM.

Résumé: This paper examines five crucial and influential episodes from early analytical philosophy in which Frege, Russell, Moore, and others play key roles. In each episode, the debate is, I argue, structurally analogous to the debate over Cartesian mind-body interaction. In particular, I argue that just as the Cartesian position in the interaction debate turns on whether the Principle of Sufficient Reason (the PSR) is rejected—Descartes, the great (as we will see) anti-rationalist, rejects the PSR in this case—so too the seminal positions taken up by these early analytical philosophers turn on the anti-rationalist denial of the PSR. Further and perhaps disturbingly, these seminal positions are thus as problematic as the problematic Cartesian position with regard to mind-body interaction.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez SVP contacter Mauro Rossi (UQAM) à rossi.mauro@uqam.ca.

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