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An international conference to commemorate the anarchist thinker and geographer Peter Kropotkin, a century since his death.

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An international conference to commemorate the anarchist thinker and geographer Peter Kropotkin, a century since his death.
To register for a free or by donation ticket to the event please visit:
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“The main problem of modern realistic ethics is … to determine, first of all, the moral end in view. But this end or ends, however ideal they may be, and however remote their full realization, must belong to the world of realities.    The end of morals cannot be “transcendental,” as the idealists desire it to be: it must be real.” —Kropotkin, from Ethics: Origin and Development Black Rose Books, in global collaboration with other organisations, scholars, activists and university departments, is organizing a conference to celebrate Peter Kropotkin’s life and work. This conference would commemorate 100 years since his death on February 8th, 1921. Kropotkin is undoubtedly one of the most important anarchist thinkers to understand the vision, and action, needed for positive transformative change.  His legacy is critically important and needs to be shared so that others can know about his values and what he dedicated his life towards.  As a multi-disciplinary scholar, he argued that the centralized bureaucratic state and capitalism are antithetical to a sustainable and just society. Follow the event on Facebook https://fb.me/e/bGdUDhNbT Keep up with our conference website: https://kropotkinnow2021.wordpress.com/ Conference Programme: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRgOIzCPYMX3TUUY8_JnEG4ElwuX2YCkl8k0TqnKL9n2LytUyHl6mC140uzpJfUnjvCnhzO8a_slx-L/pub Black Rose Books is a leading publisher of Kropotkin’s work in the English language. Please visit our website to view and order books from our ever-expanding Kropotkin collection. http://blackrosebooks.net/products/categories/PeterKropotkin
In conjunction with this event, we are proud to publish the first English translation of Kropotkin’s Siberian Diaries: The Curious One: Peter Kropotkin’s Siberian Diaries
The year 2021 will mark the centennial of Kropotkin’s death, which this book commemorates through the first-ever English edition of his Siberian diaries. First published posthumously in 1923 in Russia, Kropotkin’s Siberian Diaries take us on his five year journey from St. Petersburg to Siberia, via Moscow, Kaluga, Chita, and Irkutsk. These pages immerse us in Kropotkin’s development as a brilliant scientist as he explored almost impassable terrain while also giving us a clear picture of his early political and philosophical thinking at a crucial moment in Russian history. Peter Kropotkin (1842–1921) was a renown Russian scientist, anarchist philosopher, activist.  Alexandra Agranovich is a freelance Russian translator. Christopher Coquard is an educator living and working in Quebec City. Order directly from Black Rose Books:  https://tinylink.net/IzmFb Paperback: 978-1-55164-743-2
Hardcover: 978-1-55164-745-6
More Conference Details The conference will take place from Friday February 5 to Sunday February 8. On February 8th, the anniversary of Kropotkin’s death, we will be holding a commemorative event, which will ideally be connected with such events elsewhere in other cities.
The format will be held both in person and virtually.  These details will be forthcoming. Kropotkin studied a wide range of subjects, which include, but is not limited to, geography, biology, economy, anthropology, and philosophy. Given the broad range of Kropotkin’s works, the conference will be sectioned off into key topics that surround Kropotkin’s life and works. Our goal is that people come out of the participatory sessions not only with a more developed understanding of Kropotkin, but also with knowledge that can be used on the ground in our contemporary settings. We want to encourage in particular a link between Kropotkin’s ethics and politics today. ***** Black Rose Books is an independent, radical, non-profit publisher. Any contribution or share you can give directly supports our mission to spread the critical work of visionary thinkers. We are more than grateful for any solidarity donation you can give. To get free and pay-what-you-can eBooks, or donate to help us during this difficult time, please visit: payhip.com/BlackRoseBooks **** Sincere thanks to our supporting organizations: Centro Studi Libertari, Milano Geography Department of Concordia University Planners Network This event is made possible by the heroic efforts of many volunteer organizers.
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