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Concordia Research Symposium in Philosophy (CRSP) Winter 2020

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Concordia Research Symposium in Philosophy (CRSP) Winter 2020
What does cutting-edge research in philosophy look like? What are pressing and enduring questions it uncovers, and ways of addressing them? This event offers a taste.

Research in philosophy proves to be of diverse and wide-ranging interest. Built on millennia of inquiry, contemporary research in philosophy covers a broad swath of topics, from enduring questions about the nature of morality and human experience, to urgent questions about how to overcome oppression. Research conducted in Concordia’s Department of Philosophy reflects this diversity, and is highly regarded in the profession. This event presents samples of this research, offering in combination a taste of today’s cutting-edge philosophy. Presentation topics include: clarifying exactly how appropriation can disrespect a culture; challenging our exploitation of the Earth based on the nature of being; the ethics of population ageing; why there are some things we ought to do; and how sex and gender relate to abjection. Reception to follow.

Time: Friday, February 7, 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Location: Seminar Room LB-362 in the Webster Library, J.W. McConnell Building, 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Speakers: Matthias Fritsch, “Heidegger’s Dao and the Sources of Critique” with commentary by Jing Hu; Emilia Angelova, “Intimate Revolt in Kristeva’s Writing of Abjection” with commentary by Shawn Huberdeau; Ulf Hlobil, “Placing Deontic Normativity in Nature” with commentary by Jordan Walters; Theodore Locke, “Cultural Appropriation and Semiotic Authority” with commentary by Katharina Nieswandt.

This is a free, public event, generously sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. All are welcome. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

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