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Julia Markovits – On What It Is to Matter

February 24, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Le GRIN aura prochainement son dernier atelier annuel, offert par Julia Markovits (MIT). L’événement est ouvert au public.

Titre de la conférence: On What It Is to Matter
Date et heure: 18 mars 2016, 10:00 – 12:00
Emplacement: Université McGill, pavillon Leacock, local 927
Résumé/abstract: Derek Parfit worries that Subjectivism about what matters – the view that our reasons for acting depend in some way on facts about what we desire – entails a bleak and nihilistic picture of the normative world.  He argues that we’re misled into accepting Subjectivism by a series of considerations, none of which actually support the view, though they may at first appear to.  Understanding why many of us believe Subjectivism will, he thinks, debunk that belief. I will argue that Parfit’s debunking arguments are less debunking than he thinks, and indeed supply a way in to what is missing from his discussion: a sketch of the some stronger arguments for a subjectivist theory of reasons.  Subjectivism is, moreover, not as bleak a view as Parfit fears; and indeed, I will argue, Parfit’s own conciliatory ambitions for moral philosophy should make him much more sympathetic to the subjectivist project than he is.

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