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Ivan Ortega Deballon – Criteria for determination of death and implications for organ donation

Le réseau neuroéthique de Montréal

The Montréal Neuroethics Network



Ivan Ortega Deballon (Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH), McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Thursday, January 16th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Jeudi le 16 janvier, 12:00 – 13:00


Criteria for determination of death and implications for organ donation


The so-called protocols for uncontrolled donation after circulatory determination of death (uDCDD) have been implemented in several countries to increase the availability of organs for transplantation. These protocols allow obtaining kidneys, livers and lungs of patients who do not survive cardio-pulmonary resuscitation performed in out-of-hospital settings. Simultaneously with the development and recent proliferation of these protocols, some emergency teams have begun to employ unconventional methods of CPR, with still uncertain but promising results. The coexistence of these two possibilities raises some questions: At what point should attempts to save a patient with circulatory arrest be abandoned so that this individual can begin to be considered as a potential organ donor? How to manage potential conflicts of loyalties that may arise within emergency and procurement teams? How should the information to the families of those patients and potential organ donors be managed?



Room/Salle André-Barbeau, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)

110 Avenue des Pins Ouest


Pease see attached poster for details.

Veuillez consulter les affiches ci-jointes pour de plus amples renseignements.


All are welcome but please note that space is limited for this seminar. Please RSVP by January 15th at veljko.dubljevic@ircm.qc.ca.

Tous sont les bienvenus mais SVP réservez d’ici le 15 janvier auprès de veljko.dubljevic@ircm.qc.ca afin de vous inscrire.

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