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CFP: Dimensions of the Self

McGill Philosophy Colloquium
May 5, 6, 2011

The McGill Philosophy Department in conjunction with the Philosophy Workshop Series invites papers from philosophy faculty, graduate students and undergraduates for a two day conference on the dimensions of the self.

Papers could explore:

* sources and origin(s) of the self

* the normative dimensions of autonomy and agency

* collective responsibility and the collective dimensions of selfhood

* language and the origin(s) of the self

* innate moral concepts and the self

* temporality and the boundaries of selfhood

* embodiment and agency

* moral characteristics of personal identity

* self-identity and cultural identity

* self-identity and nationalism

* self-identity and gender

* neuroscience and models of the self

*memory and the self

* imagination and the self

* improvisation as a model of a socially constituted moral self

Participants will present individual papers not exceeding 30 minutes, followed by a five minute commentary and 15 minutes of discussion.Keynote SpeakerThe keynote address will be given by Catriona Mackenzie, Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Professor  Mackenzie is the author of several books on the self including Emotions, Imagination and Moral Reasoning, co-edited with Robyn Langdon, (New York: Psychology Press, forthcoming 2010), Practical Identity and Narrative Agency, co-edited with Kim Atkins, (Routledge: New York & London, 2008), and, Relational Autonomy: Feminist Perspectives on Autonomy, Agency and the Social Self, co-edited with Natalie Stoljar. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.)

Submission Deadlines

Abstract proposals of 300 words are invited from faculty, graduate students and undergraduates by April 1, 2011.  Please contact us if you are willing to give a commentary on a paper.

Send abstracts to:susan.hoffmann@mcgill.ca

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