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Husserl Reading Group @ Concordia

"We are starting a Husserl reading group at Concordia’s philosophy department, and we welcome anyone who is interested to join us. Our plan is to meet once every other week, starting from the second week of January, 2011. We will read the two volumes of Husserl’s Logical Investigations. (And we are not aiming to finish the two books in one semester, or any short period of time). 
The exact timetable is not decided yet, as we will try to come to an arrangement that fits everyone’s schedule. However, just as an initial proposal for the first meeting, it is provisionally set for Sunday, 16th of January, 5pm. The proposed set reading is Husserl’s own "Introduction" to volume 1 of the German Edition (about 3 pages), and "Chapter I: Logic as a normative and, in particular, as a practical discipline" (about 12 pages). The meetings will take place somewhere on Concordia’s downtown campus. 
If you are interested, want to get updates, and especially if you want to discuss the timetable, the easiest way would be to join our facebook group: 
(However if you do not have a facebook account, send an email to me at r.hadisi@gmail.com , and please let me know if the first meeting’s proposed time suits your schedule – we can discuss the regular timetable at the end of the first meeting.) 
Everyone is welcome!
P.S.: Of course anyone may come with any translation they prefer. However, I know that a few of us are going to use J. N. Findlay’s translation which is from the Second German edition of Logische Untersuchungen. This translation was published by Routledge, and the new edition has a very short preface by Dummett and a long introduction by Dermot Moran. (We are starting with Husserl’s own introduction, and are skipping Moran)."

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