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Tom Rockmore – Old Theories and New Forms of Modernity

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The Concordia Philosophy 2010/2011 Colloquium Series Presents:

Tom Rockmore
Duquesne University Department of Philosophy

“Old Theories and New Forms of Modernity”

Friday November 5, 2010, 16:00-18:00 PR-100, Philosophy Department, 2100 Mackay

The modern world is characterized by the emergence of capitalism, hence a particular type of economic structure. Yet capitalism is not fixed, but rather a historical variable, which assumes different in different times and places. In recent times, there has been a change as concerns the relative importance of economic globalization and, in consequence, the subjugation of everything else to the increasing penetration of capitalism in all its many forms. If the aim is to grasp, explain or comprehend the social surroundings and if the world has changed in some fundamental way, then arguably the theory or theories that describe it must also change on pain of becoming irrelevant or at least less relevant, less useful than before.

All Welcome

The Colloquium Series is sponsored by the Concordia University Philosophy Department.

For more information: artsandscience.concordia.ca/philosophy

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