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Concordia GPSA Conference – What Is Philosophy Anyway?

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The Concordia University Graduate Philosophy Students’ Association will be hosting a conference entitled “What Is Philosophy Anyway?”.

Participants will present research on the object, method and purpose of philosophical inquiry, as well as its relation to other disciplines.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Brian Keenan (University of Winnipeg), will be speaking about the recent call to experimental philosophy.

The conference will take place in the Concordia philosophy building at 2100 Mackay (between Sherbrooke and Maisonneuve) in PR-100.

The two-day conference will take place April 17 (9am – 6pm) and April 18 (11am – 5pm). A schedule of events is included intext below.

There is no admission cost and all are welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 17th

8:45:    Registration

9:15:    Greetings and Opening Remarks

9:25:    Panel 1

Elliott Rossiter             (Western Ontario)

“Kant’s Modest Philosophical Methodology”

Charles Rodger          (Alberta)

“What Is Philosophy?”

10:55:  Break

11:05:  Panel 2

Cameron Brown         (Concordia)

“Philosophy, History, Science”

Brian Rogers               (Guelph)

“The Paradoxical Task of Philosophy: Three Case Studies”

12:35:  Lunch Break

2:00:    Panel 3

Christina Behme         (Dalhousie)

“Disagreement About ‘Universals’ or Universal Disagreement?”

Nicholas McGinnis      (Western Ontario)

“The Experimental Challenge to the Justification of Intuitions of Reference”

3:30:    Break

3:55:    Announcements

4:00:    Keynote Address

Dr. Brian Keenan        (University of Winnipeg)


6:00:    Supper Break

9:00:    Social Event Sponsored by SOPHIA, details TBD

Sunday, April 18th

11:00:  Panel 4

David Tkach                (Ottawa)

“Must Philosophy Be Political?: First Philosophy in Heidegger and Strauss”

Dan Webb                   (Alberta)

“’Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.’: Slavoj Žižek’s Attempt to Reinvent Left-Wing Political Thought”

12:30:  Lunch Break

1:30:    Panel 5

Daniel Allen                 (Alabama)

“Thinking and the Fact of Mechanization”

Don Beith                    (McGill)

“A Power of Passivity: Philosophy is Yet to Be”

3:00:    Break

3:10:    Panel 6

Justin Bzovy

“Nietzsche’s Meta-Philosophy: Science, Soul and School”

Caleb Lee                    (Calgary)

“Wittgenstein, Philosophy and Religion”

4:40:    Closing Remarks

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