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Colloque sur l’éthique contemporaine

Éthique contemporaine : colloque conjoint entre le CREUM et le Centre for Ethics de l’U. de Toronto

Les jeudi et vendredi 8 et 9 avril 2010
Salle 422, 2910 Boul. Édouard-Montpetit
Université de Montréal

Jeudi 8 avril
9h: Keith Hyams Visiting Faculty Fellow, Toronto
Justified Inequalities
9h 50: Mihaela Mihai Chercheure postdoctorale, Montréal
State Apologies as Exemplary Judgments: A Normative Proposal for Imperfectly Just Democracies
11h: Tracey Nicholls Chercheure postdoctorale, Montréal
Speaking Justice, Performing Reconciliation
11h50: Joanne Lau Visiting Doctoral Fellow, Toronto
The state is not a radio station: Reciprocity, Presumptive Benefit and Political Obligation
14h Alex Livingston Doctoral Fellow, Toronto
Docility and Citizenship
14h40: Chris Essert Visiting Doctoral Fellow, Toronto
What is the Problem with Harmless Trespass?

Vendredi 9 avril

9h: Jürgen De Wispelaere Chercheur invité, Montréal
Political Competence and the Universal Franchise: Why Children, Alzheimer Patients and the Cognitively Disabled Should Be Allowed to Vote
9h50: Matthew Hunt Chercheur postdoctoral, Montréal
An ethics of presence for health care professionals in humanitarian work
11h: Nigel DeSouza Chercheur postdoctoral, Montréal
The preconceptual in ethics
11h50: Robin Shoaps Visiting Faculty Fellow, Toronto
Language, Culture and the Moral Domain: An Ethnographic Approach to Meta-ethics
lien web: http://creum.umontreal.ca/spip.php?article1157

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