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Dimensions of the Self

Dimensions of the Self. A Philosophy Conference.

March 27th, McGill University, Leacock Building, 855, Sherbrooke St. West, Room 927

9-10am +++++++++++
David Brooke Struck
On the Self and its Identity: a non-substantivist theory of linked bundles
Eric Gellert
Candidates for the Self in Bernard Williams’ The Self and the Future

10:10-11:10am +++++++++++
Tristana Martin Rubio
On The Active Role of Lived Space in Healthy Experiences of Ageing
Amy Barnes

11:20am-12:20pm +++++++++++
Avi Craimer
Seeking Amputation: A Conflict within the Self
Aaron Vansintjan

1:30-2:30pm +++++++++++
Louis Chartrand
The extended mind and the extended cognition research program
Yvan Tetreault
Notes on John Mikhail’s Moral Grammar

2:40-3:40pm +++++++++++
Susan-Judith Hoffmann
Ontology, Autonomy and the Self in Philosophical Hermeneutics
Anna Ezekiel
Nietzsche’s view of the role of the other in the construction of the self

3:50-5:00pm +++++++++++
Elodie Boublil
Theoria vs Perspectivism : the role of vision in Nietzsche’s conception of the self
Laura  Tusea Illea
Heretical Dimensions of Self Responsibility by Jan Patočka

5:15pm  +++++++++++
Keynote Address:  Bettina Bergo
The Self Too Tight in the Skin

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