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CFP: Workshop on the Politics of Reproduction in Canada

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Call for Papers

Workshop on the Politics of Reproduction in Canada

When: September 23-24

Where: Concordia University, Montreal, QC

Drs. Francesca Scala, Marlene Sokolon, and Stephanie Paterson, from the Department of Political Science at Concordia University, invite proposals for participation in a two-day workshop on the politics of reproduction in Canada to be held in Montreal, Quebec between September 23-24. We seek to stimulate dialogue and debate in various areas within the broad topic of the politics of reproduction, particularly in the areas of reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and childrearing. Targeting individuals from political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, geography, anthropology, and economics, the workshop will identify specific multidisciplinary and crosscutting research areas aimed at exploring the role of the state in reproductive politics and highlighting issues of policy relevance. Within this context, our investigation will pivot around the following broad questions: What is the state of research on the politics of reproduction in Canada? What are the points of convergence/divergence between disciplines? What linkages can be made between these areas? What are the key areas for future research?

These questions might be addressed through the following suggested topics:

· Transversal themes related to reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood and childrearing in Canadian context;

· Current policy/legal developments;

· Medicalization of reproduction (e.g., fertility, childbirth, abortion, etc.);

· Reproductive technology and the politics of choice (e.g., access to ARTs, genetic screening, etc.);

· Alternative reproductive arrangements (e.g., social/communal parenting, surrogacy (including surrogacy tourism from Canadian perspective), etc.);

· Reproductive rights and/or autonomy;

· The judiciary and moral regulation of pregnancy and parenting;

· Socialization and motherhood (e.g., femininities, men/masculinities and ‘mothering’);

· Transition to motherhood;

· Reproductive health (e.g., HPV, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, regulatory and discursive aspects of …, etc.);

· Shifts in discursive politics of reproduction;

· Social movements and state engagement;

· Political theory and the politics of reproduction (e.g., autonomy, bioethics, ethic of justice/ethic of care);

· Intersectionality/social location and the politics of reproduction (including issues of ageing and reproduction);

· Heteronormativity in reproductive politics;

· Trans politics as reproductive politics;

· Birth models (from Canadian perspective);

· Regional/Provincial/Territorial/Municipal comparisons and/or the politics of space

· Etc.

Individuals or groups are invited to submit a 300 word abstract to Stephanie Paterson (spaterso@alcor.concordia.ca) by April 30, 2010. Please indicate whether or not travel assistance is required. All inquiries should be directed to the email address provided.

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