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Revised CFP: Dimensions of the Self (McGill)

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Dimensions of the Self
McGill Philosophy Colloquium
Saturday, March 27, 2010

The McGill Graduate Philosophy Workshop invites papers from philosophy undergraduates, graduate students and faculty for a one day conference on dimensions of the self.

Papers and commentaries could explore:

• sources and origin(s) of the self
• the normative dimensions of autonomy and agency
• collective responsibility and the collective dimensions of self hood
• language and the origin(s) of the self
• moral concepts and the self
• temporality and the boundaries of selfhood
• embodiment and agency
• moral characteristics of personal identity
• self identity and cultural identity
• self identity and nationalism
• self identity and gender
• neuroscience and models of the self
• memory and the self
• imagination and the self
• improvisation as a model of a socially constituted self

Submission Deadlines
Abstract proposals of 300 words are invited from undergraduates,
graduate students and faculty by February 1, 2010.  Please contact us if you are
willing to give a commentary on a paper. Please send abstracts to  susan.hoffmann@mcgill.ca with the subject line “Dimensions of the Self.”

Tentative Schedule


Keynote Address: Bettina Bergo, Université de Montréal, and Discussion


  • Panel Sessions led by teams of 3-4 presenters, each giving a
    10-15 minute paper on a common sub theme. Longer versions of the
    papers may be made available.
  • Roundtable Discussion
    Following the panel presentations there will be a round table
    discussion on the papers that will include prepared comments as well
    as a lively discussion including all members of the audience. Prepared
    comments should be limited to 5 minute presentations.
  • Individual papers (35 minutes) followed by a short commentary (5-10 minutes) and discussion.
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