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Panel and Workshop on Environmental Ethics

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Panel Discussion:  Consumer Responsibility in the Age of Climate Change:  Challenges and Perspectives

October 14, 2009, 7 pm

Goethe-Institut, Montréal, 418, rue Sherbrooke Est

When considering the challenge of climate change, the role of the consumer hasn't been adequately taken into account.  Although moral consumption is trendy - as seen in the movement of the "lohas" (lifestyle of health and sustainability) - most consumers lack the will to adjust their shopping habits and lifestyle to the climate change. Why is there so often a gap between mind and behaviour in every day life? The panel discussion shall show ways how the consumer can take more responsibility for climate protection.

Daniel Weinstock, Centre de Recherche en Éthique de l'Université de Montréal

Ludger Heidbrink, Kulturwissenchaftliches Institut, Essen

Moderator:  Holly Dressel, Best-Selling Author on the Environment

Open to the Public, Reception following panel discussion

Workshop: The Ethics of Consumption

October 15-16, 2009

Goethe-Institut, Montréal

8:30 am-5:30 pm

Individuals, corporations and government must develop common strategies when dealing with the patterns of consumption with reference to climate change. This includes not only new technologies and products that are characterized by higher energy efficiency or recyclability but also new values that aim for sustainability and future justice. The workshop shall examine how economic sustainability and the ethics of consumption are connected and lead towards effective measures to combat dangerous climate change.

Participants interested in registering for the workshop should send a short bio to annaliisa.aunio@gmail.com<mailto:annaliisa.aunio@gmail.com>

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