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Programme SIMHP Hiver 2009 – MIWHP Program Winter 2009

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Programme du Séminaire interuniversitaire de Montréal en histoire de la philosophie, hiver, 2009

Montreal Interuniversity Workshop in the History of Philosophy, Winter Program, 2009


Wednesday, 7 January / mercredi 7 janvier, 11h-13h
Deborah Brown (University of Queensland)
“Descartes’ Organic Unities”

Wednesday, 28 January / 28 janvier, 18h
Mathieu Marion et Benoît Castelnérac (UQAM)
“Arguing for Invalidity: Dialectical Games in the Academy”

Wednesday, 4 February / 4 fevrier, 18h
Calvin Normore (McGill)
“Animal Souls in the Late Middle Ages”

Wednesday, 4 March / mercredi, 4 mars, 18h
Daniel Dumouchel (université de Montréal)
“Penser les dispositifs fictionnels dans la philosophie du 18e siècle”

Wednesday, 11 March / mercredi, 11 mars 18h
Richard Bodéüs (université de Montréal)
“Porphyre sur les Catégories d’Aristote”

Saturday, 14 March / samedi, 14 mars 10h30
Alan Code (Rutgers University)

Wednesday, 25 March / mercredi, 25 mars, 18h
Gideon Manning (Caltech University)
“Philosophy Needs Medicine: Historiography, Descartes and Other Minds”

Tuesday, 14 April / mardi, 14 avril 18h
Rachel Barney (University of Toronto)

Date to be determined / date à préciser
Thomas Lennon (University of Western Ontario)
“Heterogeneity: The Main Part and Pillar of Berkeley’s Theory”


Sauf exceptions, les réunions se tiendront dans la Thomson House de l’université McGill, les mercredi, de 18h à 20h.

Unless otherwise indicated, the meetings will take place in the Thomson House of McGill University, Wednesday evenings, 6-8 PM.


Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter / For more information, please contact:

Daniel Dumouchel (daniel.dumouchel@umontreal.ca)
Carlos Fraenkel (carlos.fraenkel@mcgill.ca)
Sara Magrin (magrin.sara@uqam.ca)
Dario Perinetti (perinetti.dario@uqam.ca)
Justin Smith (justismi@alcor.concordia.ca)

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