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History and Philosophy of Science Seminars – Conférences en Histoire et philosophie des sciences

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McGill University
History and Philosophy of Science Seminar
Conférences en Histoire et philosophie des sciences

This term the McGill HPS series continues with three seminars, all after the winter break.
All are welcome. Please note the variations in day and time.

Ce semestre, notre série continue, après la “pause”, avec trois conférenciers invités.
Ouvert à tou(te)s. Veuillez noter les changements d’horaire et de jour.

Seminar series Winter 2008 / Série d’hiver 2008

Thursday / jeudi, 6 March / mars, 5:30pm
Cornelius Borck (University of Lübeck)
Perception Infra Ordinaire: Art and Science in the Borderlands of the Imperceptible and the Everyday
(co-sponsored by the department of Art History and Communication Studies)

Note that Prof. Borck is also speaking in the series on Weimar Culture, on Tuesday 4 March, at 5pm, also in the Don Bates room / Noter que M. Borck va parler aussi dans la série sur la culture Weimar, le mardi 4 mars à 17h, dans la même salle:
“Modernizing the human body in Weimar Germany: popular anatomy between Bauhaus and Neue Sachlichkeit”

* Friday / vendredi, 28 March / mars, 4:30pm * [note day and time]
Sofie Lachapelle (University of Guelph)
In the Lab with Psychologists: Testing Magicians and Mediums in Early 20th-Century France

Thursday / jeudi, 10 April / avril, 5:30pm
Nick Wilding (Georgia State)
Of Telescopes and Angels: the Theological Origins of Early Modern Cyborgs

The above seminars will be held in the / Les conférences auront lieu au
Don Bates Seminar Room,
Social Studies of Medicine Building,
3647 rue Peel (above Dr Penfield).

For more information, including abstracts of talks, see / Pour en savoir plus, consultez:

* * *

Please note this other talk, of interest to historians of science and medicine, organized by the
Department of Italian Studies at McGill:
Veuillez noter également cette conférence, dans le domaine de l’histoire des sciences et de la médecine:

Monday, 3 March, 5:30pm
Gianna Pomata (Johns Hopkins University)
Title to be announced (Titre à confirmer)
Department of Italian Studies, 688 rue Sherbrooke ouest

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